Harley Qwednesday :: February is Harley Quinn Variant Month at DC!

Next February DC Comics will be shipping 22 of their titles with Harley Quinn themed variant covers. I don't know if the stories within will involve Harley Quinn too (I doubt it) but some of these are suitable for framing and I might very well try to get one or two of them.

Check out the roster below:

Action Comics #39
by Nicola Scott &
Danny Miki
and Jeremy Cox

The cowboy hat/boots really sell this one.

Aquaman #39
by Amanda Conner
and Paul Mounts

Oh Harley, Aquaman is not pleased with your Dolphin Lasers!

Batgirl #39
by Cliff Chiang

This one is pretty cute, and proves that Harley isn't the only one in Gotham with a sense of humor!

Batman & Robin #39
by Emanuela Lupacchino
and Tomeu Morey

I really like this one. sexy, cute and a little retro too! Since I pick Batman & Robin up monthly, I hope my LCS gives me this variant by default!

Batman #39
by Jill Thompson
and CV Painting

This one is pretty funny, and has a bit of a Tim Sale feel to the artwork. I like it!

Batman/Superman #19
by J.G. Jones
and Alex Sinclair

This one seems like an 'inside joke' for the artists/writers, with the audience members being caricatures of them or other inside folks. And they really nailed that Batmobile.

Catwoman #39
by Jim Balent

At first I thought this was a parody of oversexualized Catwoman covers. Then I saw that it is actually by Jim Balent, which makes it sort of 'Meta' and makes me want it in spite of myself.

Detective Comics #39
by Dave Johnson

Harley looks sufficiently crazy on this cover!

The Flash #39
by Amanda Conner
and Paul Mounts

Cute concept.

Grayson #7
by Dan Panosian

A lot of action in this one. Very James Bond. I like it!

Green Lantern Corps #39
by Jason Pearson

This one also feels like it was inspired by Tim Sale.

Green Lantern #39
by Mike McKone
and Dave McCaig

Nice helmet, GL!

Harley Quinn #15
by Marco D'Alfonso

Two lunatic Harley Quinns. Good times.

Justice League Dark #39
by Joe Quinones

This cover is pure unadulterated genius! Joe Quinones hits one out of the park! I have to get this one!

Justice League #39
by Dustin Nguyen
and CV Painting

Dustin Nguyen's range is apparent in this cover, which is simply a thing of pure beauty!

Justice League United #9
by Mikel Janin
and CVDL

This cover isn't terribly inspired. Missed opportunity!

Sinestro #10
by Ian Bertram and
Matt Hollingsworth

I love the style here, and the visual joke is pretty clever too.

Supergirl #39
by Joe Benitez and
Peter Steigerwald

Such a great expression on Harley's face on this cover!

Superman #39
by Amanda Conner
and Paul Mounts

More clever cuteness from the great Amanda Conner!

Wonder Woman #16
by Francis Manapul
and CVDL

This one looks like a piece of museum quality fine art. If only Wonder Woman's role were being played by Lois Lane. Sigh.

Teen Titans #7
by Sean Galloway

Super cute!

Wonder Woman #39
by Phil Jiminez
and Hi–Fi

This one is pretty 'classic comic cover' and I just love that Kenner inspired mallet! I'll definitely pick this one up if I can get my hands on it!

Well that's all 22 of the Harley Quinn variant covers available February 2015. Do you plan on picking any up?

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  1. Harley at her best on these covers Eric that's for sure.