Santa Cruz Skateboards Star Wars Rancor Deck

I turned the big Four-Oh (my God I am getting old!) last month. To celebrate the monumental occasion, my parents bought me a new skateboard deck!

Being a fan of skateboards and Star Wars and living in Santa Cruz, I had my eyes on the Santa Cruz Star Wars decks ever since they were announced. A lot of cool decks are available, but I didn't feel the compelling need to own any of them until I saw the Rancor board at a skate shop in downtown Santa Cruz a couple months ago.

Check out the bitchin' artwork on this stick:

Up top is Jabba the Hutt, C-3PO and Boba Fett gazing down...

...on the Rancor monster himself...

...as he makes his way towards his lunch, aka Luke Skywalker, who is trying desperately to avoid becoming the Rancor's next bowel movement!

When I added the Rancor board to my birthday list I honestly didn't expect to get it. It was one of those 'wish' items I didn't think I'd ever own (unless I bought it for myself). so I was very happy when my parents surprised me with it!

I might get bigger wheels for it eventually; I just transferred the wheels and trucks over from my existing cruiser. But it rides smooth as silk and slick as snot as it is, so it may just stay this way for a long time!

On the flip-side is the Star Wars logo against a spacey background. The board is wood-grained on top, and it would have been a real shame to cover it with grip tape, so I went with clear spray-on grip.

The Rancor was always one of my favorite Star Wars monsters, and living in Santa Cruz I am partial to Santa Cruz skateboards. Having the two world's collide is pretty keen!


  1. Happy Birthday Eric! And i really dig the board,,,,so very cool.

  2. Happy belated Birthday Eric. That is one bitchin' deck. The Rancor was always one of my favorite Star Wars beasts, and that's a great rendition of him.