LEGO Series 13 Minifigures Coming Soon!

LEGO has released official pictures of their apparently infinite minifigure series. Actually, this is only Series 13, but the train doesn't seem to be losing steam anytime soon.

LEGO minifigures Series 13 offers up a couple 'must-haves' as well as plenty of 'filler' I will have to squeeze past in order to get what I need! Word is this series will be available at the start of 2015, but people will probably start finding them by the end of the year at select locations (Walgreens has lately been getting minifigures in the earliest, but who knows?)

Until then, let's take a look at each LEGO Series 13 minifigure individually, shall we?

Alien Trooper. This one is a 'maybe' for me. He does have a cool alien head, and will be easy to find using the 'squeeze method' if you feel for that tentacled face.

Carpenter. He's neat but an easy 'pass' for me. If you need him, feel for that saw and the '2x4' plank.

Female Cyclops. Another cute one but probably a 'pass' for me. I have the male Cyclops and he's fun, but I don't see any reason to own a mating pair. If you are squeezing for her feel for that club, it's pretty obvious with those spikes.

Egyptian Warrior. A 'maybe' for me on this one. He's cool and would go well with LEGO mummies and such. His shield should make him easy to find via the squeeze method.

This guy is designated by LEGO as an Evil Wizard but I see Ming the Merciless, which means a) I want him and b) I want a LEGO Flash Gordon! Which could happen, because LEGO has already given us a Tarzan and a Conan. Here's hoping! The wedge 'robe' makes this guy an easy squeeze find.

Fencer. Meh...unless his face design is fun or funny. We'll see, but for now he's in the 'pass' pile. He may be tough to squeeze for, with that skinny sword and relatively featureless mask, but try to find the sword if you do.

Goblin. I want this one, if only because with a little modification he's the perfect original Green Goblin of Spider-Man fame (and not that movie/Ultimates atrocity LEGO already released.) I'm already planning my LEGO Goblin Glider! Squeezing for that bag and the large sword should make him easy to discern.

Hot Dog Suit Guy. Yeah, might need more than one of this guy! He'll be easy to find too - just feel for his massive wien...no, I won't go there.

King. The 'Burger King' builds are endless. But I'll probably still pass. The crown and hair are probably one piece, so try to find that.

Paleontologist. I like this one for a lot of reasons, so I'll probably get her.  The bone might be the easiest piece to detect, or possibly the round 'fossil.'

Roller Disco Diva. This one is pretty ridiculous. She's in my 'maybe' pile. Her 'fro should be easy to squeeze for.

Samurai girl. I'll pass on this one, but she's probably easy to find with that armor and twin katana.

Sheriff. He's cool, I like the mustache. And of course that hat is a 'must-have' for a Rick Grimes custom. But he's only in my 'maybe' pile. Feel for that 'wanted' flatpiece, or the gun and the hat.

Snake Charmer. The snake puts this one in my 'maybe' pile. Feel for that or the turban, which should be easy to squeeze for.

Galaxy Trooper. This guy looks more like a Starship Trooper from the movie of the same name. Not one I need in my collection, but the armor and those guns should be easy to find with the squeeze method.

Last (Unicorn) but not least - Unicorn Girl. A 'must-have' for me if only for the ridiculous nature of a LEGO girl dressed like a Unicorn. Feel for the head/horn, and it appears she will have a tail too.

That's the Series 13 line-up, which should be in stores soon. Which ones will you go home with?


  1. Well I can tell you right now I will be getting both the King and Ming the Merciless for sure.

  2. Eric, I can't help but chuckle when I think of you standing around in an aisle feeling for a weiner.

    My Wal-Mart doesn't even carry the minifigures anymore, so if you end up with a Galaxy Trooper, I'll gladly take him off your hands.

    1. It wouldn't be the first time, Chris.

      I'll find you a Galaxy Trooper if I can!

  3. A great series! We got a couple of them last weekend.