Ringside Collectibles Casket Playset

When I first caught sight of Ringside Collectibles' Casket Playset I fell in love with the concept. Fans of professional wrestling are pretty used to seeing this level of melodrama on stage, especially when it comes to characters like The Undertaker, so it's a natural for the hugely popular wrestling action figure scene.

I don't collect wrestling action figures, but I knew the playset would come in handy with some of the in-scale action figures I do own; every superhero worth their salt has died at least twice!

So when Ringside Collectibles offered to send me this Casket Playset for review I nearly died (hahaha get it?) Ok, enough gallows humor - let's dig into this thing...

The casket playset is available in either black or silver. They come packaged on a blister card just like all your favorite action figures.

Each set includes an urn, a shovel, and a 'breakable' tombstone to beat your opponent over the head with!

I opened up the black casket, because I figured I'd probably be most likely to display it with a Batman action figure (now I'm wishing I had picked up that Vampire Batman action figure when I had the chance!) and when Batman dies you know his casket will be black.

The casket itself is pretty sturdy. The door is split just in case your action figure leaves behind a pretty corpse. If they didn't, feel free to slam that door down on their smushed up face!

The inside is padded in a soft purple (in the black casket) material. You don't want your action figures heading off into eternal slumber with a crick in their necks, do ya?

The Mattel Batman of Zur-En-Arrh action figure seemed appropriate for this photoshoot, since Batman took on this personality around the same time Dr. Hurt buried him alive. I just can't remember at this moment if it was before or after he was buried alive. I need to go re-read that storyline.

"Batman is NOT dead!"

As you can see, the tombstone 'breaks' into three parts. It holds together nicely when assmebled too. The casket opens and closes nicely, and both doors hold together when opened. Even with his plastic cape, Batman was able to fit inside fine even with the doors closed.

My intern thought this guy looked a little dead, so...

"In you go, Mr. Ugly!" SLAM!

Yup, even MOTUC figures fit well in the casket playset. The casket is wide enough for their broad shoulders. In fact, on the Ringside Collectibles website they state "Large enough to fit Andre the Giant or Great Khali" - now I may not be up on my modern wrestlers but EVERYONE knows who Adre the Giant is! So from your smaller wresting figures like Rey Mysterio to your larger ones like Andre, Undertaker and Khali, you can expect them to fit just fine when they finally go to that great wrestling ring in the sky.

The Casket Playset is a lot of fun. It probably makes more sense to use it with relevant wrestling action figures, but it works just fine with most 6-ish inch action figures. If it doesn't become a part of any permanent display around here it will definitely be making an appearance every Halloween!

*Toyriffic was sent this set for review from Ringside Collectibles. You can get yours at RingsideCollectibles.com


  1. We need this. I've ordered many timed from Ringside Collectibles. Great service! How did you managed to get it for free?!