AT-AT :: LEGO Star Wars Microfighters Series 2

When I first saw the LEGO Star Wars Microfighters - chibi LEGO versions of famous Star Wars vehicles - I immediately thought to myself: 'Where's the AT-AT...umm...at?'

Because if there was ever any one single Star Wars vehicle that screamed out for the chibi treatment, it's the AT-AT.

Fortunately we didn't have to wait longer than Series 2 to get it!

The AT-AT is a super cute build. It's surprisingly complex for such a tiny vehicle. With about 88 pieces it takes a little time to build and feels plenty sturdy once together. The head moved up and down, the legs and ankles move back and forth, and there are two flick-missiles up top. Lots of playability and displayability with this one!

These Microfighter sets run around ten bucks and each comes with a relevant minifigure. In the AT-AT's case, it comes with an AT-AT Driver. Considering the fact that blind bagged LEGO minifigures go for about four bucks nowadays, these sets are a much better deal. I'd love to see the Microfighters theme expand over to other series - especially DC and Marvel Comics. Chibi Batmobile, anyone?

I already had an AT-AT Commander minifigure, so I felt compelled to add him to the ride.

Sometimes the AT-AT needs a little motivation.

This Microfighter AT-AT is wonderful, and really brings me back to my Star Wars fueled childhood. One of my fondest childhood memories is from the Christmas after Empire Strikes Back was released in theatres. On Christmas eve, I got to open one present early. I picked the one from my older sister. She had gotten me the Kenner AT-AT Driver and AT-AT Commander action figures.

The next day Santa had left me the AT-AT itself!

I couldn't believe my sister had gotten me the two figures I needed to pilot my AT-AT! How had she (and Santa) known?


  1. Nice! I saw this online and thought it looked pretty cool! Glad to hear it's so fun!

  2. How cute! (I'd better watch out, or I'm going to want to start collecting these.)