Cyborg Minifigure by Sheng Yuan

I have always been fond of Cyborg, the half-teen half-machine member of Teen Titans. I especially love his representation in the modern Teen Titans cartoons and have a couple great action figures from the Bandai line that accompanied it.

And now I have the Sheng Yuan BootLEGO version  to add to my SmorgasCyborg. This minifigure is currently hitting the direct-from-China bootLEGO market and can be found on eBay, AliExpress and other slow boats from China.

As soon as I had Cyborg assembled I set about putting together a gun-arm for him. Plus a base, because it's all about the base...I mean because he was a little off-balance once I attached his gun arm.

There is an official LEGO Cyborg available as part of a larger Justice League set; it's different from this guy, who is based on Cyborg's appearance in the LEGO Batman 2 video game. The official one is probably based on the LEGO Batman 3 video game. It's one thing to get a bootLEGO that is a straight across rip-off of an existing LEGO minifigure, and another thing entirely to get something unique. I much prefer to get the unique creations. Or the bootlegs based on ultra-limited LEGO minifigures that are otherwise unattainable on my working man's salary.

This Cyborg minifigure really is great. My only complaint would be that the right side hair component of his helmet doesn't look enough like hair, and they didn't paint the rim. A small gripe, otherwise I really like this unique headpiece.

Sheng Yuan Cyborg came with a stand and a couple parts to make a little Cyborg-symbol. We don't buy these things for the extras, and I think Sheng Yuan is getting the hint by no longer including silly mini-build weapons racks and whatnot. The base is appreciated, and the five-piece symbol is silly but sort of a good idea, I suppose. At least it isn't too much clutter.

Cyborg is just shy of LEGO quality - the hair issue I pointed out for one thing, and his right arm pops out relatively easily, but otherwise this guy stands tall and proud next to his official brethren. If you like him and can get him for a couple bucks, I say 'go for it.'

And if you have a lot of LEGO bricks lying about and can make cool constructs for him, even better!

The gun barrel even rotates! POW POW POW!

I've already altered the gun-arm a couple times since shooting these pics. I've been having a lot of fun modifying this guy, and as Colin of Super-Duper Toy Box always says: "Make it Fun!"


  1. The "hair' does look a little more like a helmet but I don't think it takes away from him too much, pretty cool!