Grundybuster Iron-Robin! :: Imaginext Robin Mechanical Suit Playset

"Side-Kick SMASH!"
Imaginext re-colored their Lex Luthor Mechanical Suit in red and black and released it as the Robin Mechanical Suit. The set is a Toys R Us exclusive, and comes with an exclusive Tim Drake post Death-of-Superboy red/black garbed Robin!

First things first: I hate hate HATE that Robins in the Imaginext world are capeless. A capeless Robin is absolutely absurd, an abomination, a blight upon human decency and good taste and beyond unacceptable; no caped Robin in the Imaginext line has prevented me from bothering with any of them even though I am a big fan of Robin.

Until now.

Don't get me wrong, I am still bothered by Robin's lack of a cape. BUT this is a gorgeously sculpted Robin. Imaginext's most recent Robin effort, the details in the costume are incredible. Just look at those gloves! Plus: the domino mask is a sculpted element, not just painted on a blank face (ala Harley Quinn.)

The coloration here is beautiful too - this specific black/red Robin is only available with this set. The sculpt is available in the most recent Imaginext Batcave, but in a more 90s era red/green coloration.

Not to mention this sweet Robin Mech Suit. I can justify the lack of a cape because Robin is in his Mech Suit and therefore probably retracted his cape or something. I know, it's a thin excuse for Robin not having his cape, but a neurotic's gotta do what a neurotic's gotta do!

Robin fist snugly in the cockpit of his Mechanical Suit.

Not being big into the Superman themed Imaginext stuff, I don't already own the Lex Mech Suit, so this guy is all new to me. I can imagine it being a piece of Wayne Enterprises/Luthor Corp. tech that Luthor commandeered for nefarious purposes, and Robin getting in on the action with his own to help Batman and Superman stop him. Or something from the Batcave trophy room that Robin re-painted in order to keep up with the Batmobile.

"Who needs a sidecar?"

"Get away from her you BITCH!"
The Robin Mech Suit has an operable claw for a right hand, and a missile firing feature above the left. I forgot the missile during the photoshoot as I display this piece without it anyways. Articulation is simple - hips, knees, and shoulders. But it's a giant Mech Suit, so what do you expect it to move like, Jack LaLanne?

I absolutely love this thing. It's fun and absurd, just like comic book adventures should be.

As mentioned before, this is a Toys R Us exclusive; part of their Gotham City line-up. Not sure how easy it might be for folks to find, but I have only seen it the time I bought it a couple weeks ago. I suggest if you want it you nab it when you see it.


  1. It's about time Robin got to enjoy some of that Bruce Wayne money.

    That's a cool looking mech. I think it actually works just as well in the Robin colors as it did in Luthor's.

    1. Yeah it doesn't feel like a Luthor-bot re-painted. It just seems like something Robin would have!

  2. Bat-tech is working over-time i see lol.