Harley Qwednesday :: NEW Imaginext Harley Quinn (and Joker too!)

"Hammer envy much? Maybe we should call you 'jelly'-face instead? HAW HAW HAW! Now get lost, ya' big turd, this is MY show!"

I officially declare the new Fisher-Price Imaginext Harley Quinn as the best Imaginext toy ever. She's only been with me a week and she's already terrorizing all my other toys, showing them who's boss and not taking anyone's crapola!

"Who the hell are you supposed ta' be, ya' cubist nightmare?"

Aww, but who can stay mad at that face?!?! And although a painted-on face at that, it is super cute and the rest of Harley's figure is nicely detailed and specifically sculpted (again - no parts re-use except maybe the hands.) Her arms and legs have diamonds sculpted on them (a little paint would make them pop!) her pixie shoes are in the (fun) house, and even her collar is a sculpted element.

As mentioned before, there are at least two Harley variants, and of the two I got both are the 'incorrect' arm/hand coloration. Not a HUGE deal, and my daughter won't care when she gets hers for Christmas, but I will need a 'correct' version someday. Fortunately Fisher-Price likes to push vehicles and playsets so I will hope for a future correct Harley in a neat themed vehicle set in the near future to be my excuse to get another!

"Ooh Mistah J, I know what THAT look means. MAYHEM!"

Harley Quinn comes with a hammer that has been released previously with older versions of the Joker as well as an all newly sculpted Joker too!

And I have to admit this new Joker is far superior to the previous version. Way more detail in the sculpt (down to the stitching on his shoes) as well as a mischievous smirk, this all new Mr. J is the perfect companion piece to the star of the show, Miss Quinzel herself! Also, Joker's hands are unique to his sculpt (they have those three 'lines' on them ala Mickey Mouse/Bugs Bunny that all good cartoon gloves have) making him 100% new! Nice!

Thanks Fisher-Price for making Harley Quinn! I thank you, my daughter thanks you, and society thanks you!

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