LEGO Simpsons Blind Bagged Minifigures Series 2

LEGO just announced a second series of blind bagged Simpsons minifigures, due out May 2015. This series continues with iconic Springfield residents that didn't make the cut for the first release, but enough about them because...BARTMAN!

Of course including Bartman makes perfect sense - a simple and cost effective 're-paint' of the Bart Simpson from Series 1 - but I don't care if he's a re-hash. I have to have him! Fallout-Boy is also a must-have for me, as well as Santa's Little Helper and Snowball 2.

I'm looking forward to finding these guys in stores some time around May 2015!


  1. I will tell you what makes NO sense. Including Fallout Boy without Radioactive Man. Marvel probably has something to do with this.

  2. Agreed - here's hoping the theme keeps rolling so Radioactive Man can happen in a future release!