Catwoman :: DC Super Heroes by Mattel

Back in 2007, everyone who collected the DC Super Heroes toyline was after this Catwoman figure. The line was not only Batman/Superman-centric, but it was also a sausage-fest. Besides a couple paint variants of Barbara Gordon Batgirl, a couple paint variants of Supergirl, and Cassandra Cain Batgirl, this was it for female characters in the line.

So the very few female characters were quite popular with collectors, and they tended to be very hard to find. I was lucky to find Catwoman but certainly missed my fair share of figures from the line (Azreal, Clayface, Babs Batgirl) so I suppose my Karma is pretty even-steven with this toyline.

Catwoman came with a whip, a cat 'statue' and a necklace accessory so she had something to steal. She also has this silly backpack, which would be ridiculous if it didn't actually make sense for her to have somewhere to stow her ill-gotten goods. Still, it comes across as a little too 'Japanese Schoolgirl Fetish' to me.

Sculpt-wise, the few who could find her at retail were not disappointed. Sadly that joy was quickly quashed by one of the oddest face paint issues in action figure history. For no logical or illogical reason anyone can imagine, the skin around Catwoman's mouth is a lighter shade than her cheeks and chin. In an almost perfect circle.

Like...I can't even...I just...I don't...

Seriously, this figure would have been perfect and flawless at the time and could still hold herself up proud to this day except for that damn weird-ass paint issue that makes her look like...well...just...I don't know.

Catwoman is pretty much in scale with Hellcat, but they don't mesh together flawlessly due to their design differences. And the fact that they are separated by eight years and two toy companies and rival comic publishers.


  1. I actually found two of her at retail and customized the face of one. I pulled off her goggles and dremmeled them down so they weren't so bulky. Then I repainted the fleshtone of her lower face. It was like a completely new figure. I'll photograph it and post on it eventually.

  2. Pretty neat on the details for her headgear and belt. For your age, she is still up to the mark. With added accessories, which is lacking for current figures, she still has it. Nice.

    1. She has stood the test of time for sure - except for that bad paint job!