Little Tikes B.C. Builders I-Fell Tower Playset

Being a toy addict and having children is like being a crack addict and having a 3 foot tall drug dealer for a roommate. Sometimes I just have to buy awesome toys for my intern just so I can play with them myself!

That was totally the case with this Little Tikes B.C. Builders I-Fell Tower Playset.

I've been peripherally aware of these Flintstones ripoff pre-school toys for years, having seen bits, pieces, dinosaurs and cavemen at random intervals at garage sales and flea markets on many occasions.

But I've never seen a complete set, or even close enough to a complete set to feel it worth the asking price to purchase them.

But the other day we were at the local thrift store and I spotted this Brontosaurus (officially, he's an Apatasaur, but he'll always be a Brontosaurus to me!)  and picked him up off the shelf. I was shocked and amazed to discover he had a whole baggie of accessories taped to him!

Being no expert on this toyline, I couldn't assess if the contents made for a complete set. But I could tell that there was enough in the baggie (including an Imaginext Stegosaurus) to warrant the five dollar asking price.

Upon returning home I Googled the toyline and we discovered that there was indeed a complete 'I-Fell Tower' playset. My intern and I then spent the next hour or so building and smashing!

I just LOVE how much this set calls upon the Flintstones and their silly non-scientifically-accurate dino/human/modern stone age family aesthetic.

Pardon my French, but this shit is epic.

And of all the sets, the Brontosaurus is of course the greatest because it's based on the most iconic of Flintstones moments - the 'quitting time' Fred Flintstone slide off the gravel-pit Brontosaurus machine Yabba-Dabba-DOOOOO!!!!

The set's stackables can be knocked down with the Brontosaur's front mounted wrecking ball. There's also a trigger mechanism that can be sprung by hitting a target on the base with the dinosaur's tail, causing the whole thing to topple down!

Literal hours of fun.

This playset is a ton of fun. Now I just need to find an official Fred Flintstone to set in the driver's seat!


  1. I have seen these before at various flea markets and thrifts but never knew what they were!

    1. Now you know - and knowing is half the battle!

  2. "Being a toy addict and having children is like being a crack addict and having a 3 foot tall drug dealer for a roommate."

    Good thing I wasn't drinking when I read that, because I would have choked.

    It kind of reminds me of the 80's dinosaurs toyline that came with those short cavemen.

  3. Ha ha, clearly Flintstones inspired.