LEGO Great White Shark (and Aquaman too!)

Ever since I got a hold of this LEGO Aquaman minifigure I've wanted to get my hands on the extra large LEGO shark. I've accumulated a handful of standard LEGO sharks over the past few years, but they're guppies in comparison to this guy.

Why LEGO didn't package these two together is beyond me. In fact, I'm tempted to create a mini box for these two recreating the classic MEGO Aquaman vs. the Great White Shark set.

In addition to having pegs on his back so your minifigures have a place to stand, you can clip your minifigures hands to the shark's dorsal fin so they can go for the ride of their lives!

According to Brickipedia, this large shark has only appeared in two sets since his debut: LEGO Agents Speedboat Rescue in 2008 and Brickbeard's Bounty in 2009. Suffice it to say due to these limited and long ago releases, the large LEGO shark goes for around 25 bucks or more on the secondary market. Which is why I didn't own him until this past weekend, when I found him at the flea market for a dollar. Pro tip: sometimes it pays to look in those baggies and bins of cheap McDonald's toys. In fact, if you want something for less than expected prices those are the best places to look, because that's where a seller will toss all the stuff they assume is worthless. Truth be told I almost didn't take my own advice, and only found this guy because I made a second run-through that day.

"Who you callin' lame?"

I have now amassed an impressive undersea army for Aquaman to command, including the sawfish, a white Great White, an octopus and a crab. Evil-doers beware!

As you can see there's really no comparison between the standard LEGO shark and this massive beast.

And as if his other interactive features weren't enough to make this guy the funnest finny friend your LEGO minifigures could possibly want...

...his mouth opens extra wide...

...and he can gulp down an entire minifigure!

Not only that, but you can completely close his mouth while the minifigure is inside.

Literal HOURS of fun right there, boys and girls. Hours of fun.


  1. Oh man, that is too cool. I love that the figures can actually hold on to his fins.

    1. Yeah, they went the extra mile with this one. A real shame he's not been released more often!