Funko POP! Metaluna Mutant

No sooner do I go and make a post about the only non Harley Quinn POP! figure I own and I win a contest over at GeekHash and receive not only a non Harley Quinn POP! but a completely non DC related POP! figure.

And he's awesome!

The Metaluna Mutant is a classic fifties sci-fi alien from the movie 'This Island Earth.'

I don't believe I've ever seen This Island Earth, but the iconic big brained Metaluna Mutant is certainly a character I have been familiar with for as long as I can remember.

In fact, I actually own one other piece of Metaluna Mutant merchandise: 'The Mutant Raphael'.

Something tells me these two are going to become inseparable pals!

Thanks again to GeekHash for this sweet addition to my Funkollection!

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  1. Congrats! That is such a cool figure! "This Island Earth" was not really a horrible movie but riffed on brilliantly none-the-less in "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie"...