1966 Batmobile Kiddie Ride

I recently spotted this 1966 Batmobile coin operated Kiddie Ride outside a K-Mart in Salinas, California. I am pretty sure this is the same machine I spotted a couple years ago outside a K-Mart in Watsonville California. What is it about K-Marts and these silly coin-op kiddie rides? They seem to go together like, well, K-Mart and aisles that look like they were hit by a tornado. But K-Marts have always had these kiddie rides in front of them for as long as I can remember - ever since I was a wee lad riding on them myself.

Anyways, I don't make it to either K-Mart location very often, but when I saw this Batmobile ride in Watsonville I had hoped I could get my intern over to ride on it. Sadly by the time I got back that way again it was gone.

Now it's in Salinas, and again I did not have my intern with me. I did however have a camera.

I also lucked out, because while I was getting ready to take the pictures a couple with a baby stopped at it and plunked in the fifty cents so junior could take it for a spin. I was nearly as excited as the kid (ok, I was more excited) when I discovered that when the ride kicks in it also plays the Batman TV theme song!

Holy two-bits, Batman!

I want this thing in my living room.


  1. You didn't get in it and take a selfie?!?! I totally would have. In fact, I just might the next time I'm in Salinas.

  2. I have this exact same ride right now and Im trying to find a buyer. It works like a dream and is painted blue, red, and yellow but in some spots the paint is wearing and you can see the black paint underneath. Its set at 25 cents a ride. Ive had it in my garage for almost 2 years now and would like to sell it to someone who appreciates it, rather than just anyone. Im not looking to make a fortune . Im in upper michigan area and would be happy to ship it if I find a buyer. My email address is jenrem76.jr@gmail.com. please let me know if you want it asap. I dont know how to post pics on this blog but Im willing to send them in text or email. Thank you!