Imaginext Zod and Robin Motorcycle

Two different thrift/consignment store trips last weekend yielded this Imaginext Robin Motorcycle and an Imaginext General Zod!

Zod came with a Superman playset which I was never going to purchase as I generally don't get the playsets and am not collecting Superman specific Imaginext stuff. But getting General Zod for a buck was something I couldn't say 'no' to!

General Zod is based on the Man of Steel movie, and his costume (which is just sloppin' over with detail!) reflects Michael Shannon's Zod costume (once he was on Earth) nicely, yet the face doesn't really look anything like Michael Shannon. He really needs some facial hair.

Otherwise it's cool to have an Imaginext General Zod as he is one of the primary and most iconic Superman villains, and any (cheap) Imaginext badguy is always welcome in my collection!

At a later stop I found the Robin-cycle for fifty cents. This cycle was repainted multiple times throughout it's Imaginext history, this time reflecting the red and green of Robin's classic costume.

I only have one Imaginext Robin and he's already piloting his Mech Suit, but I am sure I will end up with another Imaginext Robin someday, so I couldn't walk away from this sweet ride!