Mysterious Rocket J. Squirrel Figure

The other day I picked up this Rocket J. Squirrel figure from the flea market, pulling him out of a pile of random toys with no context as to his origins, and I have yet to discover where he came from. He's clearly old - pre 80s at least, but he has no markings on him whatsoever so tracking him down online has thus far proven fruitless.

Here he is next to a LEGO figure for scale. He's made of a soft rubber or vinyl as if he were a squeaky toy, but he doesn't have a squeaker.

My best guess is that he was broken off from a larger set - perhaps broken off a base that included Bullwinkle, like an electric toothbrush set or an alarm clock or some other goofy kitsch from the 60s or 70s.

Anyone have a clue?


  1. I seem to remember a toy telephone from the mid 80's when rocky and bullwinkle made a little comeback that had rubbery versions of them on it also a cheap stamper set that also had tops made the same way. Iv looked online and cant find any reference to either item so Im not much help. They where sold in Kmart around the same time as the Remco Mickey mouse figure set because I remember them being near each other on the shelf.

  2. He definitely comes across as part of a bigger set/piece. We'll figure out his origins eventually!