2007 TMNT Foot Ninja

When I spotted this guy lying in a box at the flea market I thought at first that he was some sort of Snake-Eyes action figure. Upon closer examination you can tell he isn't Snake-Eyes, but I still might not have known who he was had he not been lying on top of Casey and April.

But the association made it clear he's a Foot Ninja from the 2007 cgi animated TMNT movie.

I found the Foot Ninja with his sheath attached and the hockey stick looking weapon (now arming Casey) jammed in it. It took a lot of patience (and hot water) to get the weapon dislodged, but since it probably would have been lost otherwise I won't complain. April had one of his swords in her sheath when I found her, so they will have to share.

Sadly there were no other weapons in the pile of toys, but finding these three characters and getting them all for less than three bucks was a pretty sweet score.

I really like the alien aesthetic of this Foot Ninja, and I think he's my favorite of the three.


  1. He looks pretty cool.Almost could be a multi purpose figure if your short a ninja.I'm on the look out for an original Playmates Foot soldier as well as a few other figures from the vintage line.

  2. He's cool looking. I don't really have any figures from the TMNT movie.

  3. He could definitely pull off Snake Eyes. He looks quite a bit better than some of the G.I. Joe ninja's other figures.

  4. i've admired this figure in the past, maybe Toyhaven- great styling