Playmobil Fi?ures Series 8 Gladiatrix

I found a box of Playmobil Fi?ures Series 8 at my local Toys R Us - a historically unreliable Playmobil source - and was able to squeeze (there is no 'code' or secret way to decipher what's inside) my way to the one figure I truly wanted: The Gladiatrix (or possibly Amazonian Warrior):

I would have originally argued that she's a Gladiatrix, but now that I have her in hand I have to lean more towards Amazonian Warrior. She just comes across as more of a seasoned battle veteran than an indentured fighter. But honestly she could go either way. She comes with that massive shield (I am pretty sure she's holding it correctly, that is how she's shown holding it in the packaging insert.) the style of which I have never seen in Playmobil form. Any weapons experts out there care to educate us as to this shield style's origins?

She also comes with a long sword and her Roman style helmet which reminds me of Marvin the Martian. Isn't that delightful, hmmm?

And in case things get real ugly, she comes with a dagger holstered to the back of her loin cloth.

Everything about this Amazonian Warrior is awesome - especially her tattoo and angry expression. This is not a woman you want to mess with!


  1. The helmet and sparse clothing would make me guess Gladiatrix too. I usually picture Amazons with a bow, but that's just me.

  2. This shield has no historic accuracy at all. I have it from set 4836 (Dragon Tower or something like that). If you were to build a real-sized one, it would be enormous, cumbersome and it wouldn't offer any protection to your vitals. Put it in the hand of a figure and try different positions - you will notice that it doesn't offer effective protection.

    1. Good to know. It does seem rather useless for the type of battle this character is likely to partake in.