Ultraman Zero

I know little about Ultraman and other Japanese characters but I do know I love me some Japanese characters.

When I was in early Elementary School, I had a couple neighbor friends whose mother was Japanese, and their family would mail them so many cool vinyl action figures. They were essentially as basic as the then standard Star Wars 5-POA but were a little bit larger and represented so manny weird and wonderful looking aliens and robots. At the time I knew...Godzilla. And that was about it (besides other giant monsters appearing in Godzilla flicks.)

Anyways, now I am an adult but any time I see a toy that represents that basic Japanese vinyl aesthetic I flip and want it - especially when it costs less than a buck!

Other than some Japanese script, on the foot of this guy is written 'Bandai 2009' so I was able to discover he is 'Ultraman Zero.' I don't know what that means in the Ultraman universe and I don't care. He's awesome.

That's it.