Arkham City Mr. Freeze

John from Robot Monster Space Superhero sent me this DC Multiverse Mr. Freeze a few months ago. Mr. Freeze is incredibly detailed for this 3.75" scale.

The DC Multiverse line can be a little inconsistent - some figures have accessories, some don't. Some are pretty plain, while some are beautifully sculpted. Mr. Freeze has got to be one of the line's best so far!

This is of course Mr. Freeze as he appears in the Arkham City video game. It's incredible how iconic the video game series and designs have become. They are now a deeply ingrained aspect of the greater Batman mythos.

Thanks again to John for this cool (get it? haw haw haw) Mr. Freeze!


  1. Cool-looking figure ...no "pun" intended....
    Always been a fan of this "Frosty" villain ... originally called "Mr. Zero" ( And DC.'s Flash already had Captain Cold)....