Fisher-Price Adventure People Green Alien Astronaut

For the late seventies/early eighties action figure generation, Fisher-Price Adventure People were as ubiquitous as Star Wars action figures. They were everywhere, and most of us had a smattering of them from many different themes: campers, families, medical professionals, extreme sportsters, and of course, astronauts and aliens!

My cousin had a lot of the space stuff. I only had normal people like a kayaker, a dirt bike racer, and a deep sea diver, and probably a few others. The astronauts were cool, and the aliens were cooler, but sadly if you were expecting a Hammerhead or Bespin Luke and you got one of these under your tree at Christmastime you were probably disappointed. In retrospect, these guys are gorgeous and I wish I had more. But as of press time, I only have this green-skinned blue-haired astronaut which I found at the thrift store a couple weeks ago. Not sure if he's from a different planet, a dark dimension, or if he's just a normal astronaut who has been blasted by gamma rays.


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