Toxic Crusaders Major Disaster Action Figure

Geek confession time: I've never seen The Toxic Avenger. The karma associated with this sad fact may explain why any time I come across a Toxic Avenger action figure at the flea market, it's broken. Seriously, they are always missing an arm or a leg or something vital to my personal dictate to not buy broken toys. I'm fine if accessories are missing, but the last think I need are limbless action figures.

Anyways, although I have yet to add Toxie himself to my collection, I did find one of his cartoon cronies in good condition: Major Disaster. Having never seen the movie (or the Toxic Crusader cartoon for that matter) I had no idea who this guy was when I found him, but his mutie visage gave me a good enough clue that he was associated with the Toxic Crusader animated series. Turns out he's actually a good guy, and has plant-powers like Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy. Cool!

Major Disaster is a neon-nineties beauty. Playmates really nailed this line, and it's a shame these things don't pop up more often in my second-hand hunts. If nothing else, I really need Toxie himself now!

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