Imaginext Red Tornado

I've always been a fan of Red Tornado. He's an awesome robot that hangs out with superheroes and as far as I am concerned Vision can f- the right off. I dig the whole Marvel movie situation that has permeated our American movie-going culture, but pretty much everything Marvel has done in the superhero department DC did first and better. Except, you know, when it comes to making them all into movies.

Anyways, at least DC has Marvel beat in the toy department. Case in point: can you get a pre-school aimed Vision action figure? CAN YOU?!?! The bastard was the McGuffin in a multi-bazillion-dollar making movie so IS THERE A TOY OF HIM BY PLAYSKOOL?!?!?!

No, there isn't. But you CAN get Red Tornado from Fisher-Price's Imaginext toyline. Because Fisher-Price has the balls to bust out the obscure! Playskool barely dares to make one of the Avenger movie's founding members (Black Widow) and only then in a K-Mart exclusive multi-pack! But hey, if you want 327 Spider-Men, they got yer back.

Okay, so Red Tornado is a Target exclusive, paired with Cyborg. But he's not that hard to get, honestly. I mean, he's Red Tornado, packed with Cyborg. People aren't lined up at midnight to get their hands on this set. Of all the Target exclusive Imaginext sets, I've seen the Red Tornado/Cyborg set hanging around the longest.

I actually got mine from the flea market. I try to avoid spending too much money on Imaginext toys that aren't specifically Batman related, at least at retail, so this set was one I begrudgingly passed on. But I couldn't pass on Red Tornado at flea market prices!

As always, I am so very impressed at the level of detail Fisher-Price adds to their figures. Red Tornado has all kinds of details all over his costume. Honestly, they could have taken their plain buck and painted it red, but Fisher-Price made a figure that had not one single piece that is not unique to this figure. A feat indeed considering Fisher-Price is owned by Mattel!

Red Tornado is set to make an appearance this season on the CBS TV series Supergirl (an amazing show - if you aren't watching it, you are probably a communist), so it's great that I have this Imaginext version...especially because I am hopeful enough to believe Imaginext has some Supergirl figures in store for us real soon!




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