Random Toy Pic :: Batman Meets...Batgirl?

'Hello, sexy. Want to find out if the Batmobile has a back seat?'
I picked up this Star Wars alien Kabe from the flea market the other day. Kabe was originally released as a Power of the Force Star Wars fan club exclusive along with Muftak (a version of which I already own.) Kabe is a girl, and a bat-headed Chadra-Fan girl at that, who appeared in the original Star Wars Cantina scene! How could I pass on her for just a dollar? I couldn't, that's how.


  1. I found the real ones this time! Playmobil Figures Series 10! My favorites are the Ghost Warrior, Fire Wizard, Modern Vampire, Robot Girl, Robot, and Queen of Hearts. Lots of great figures this time!

    1. AWESOME! Sadly no Harley but I suppose the Queen of Hearts would be easy to mod into a Queen harley! BTW you posted the boys link twice, so here's the Series 10 girls link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tyj6rCQuAM

      I'll make an official post about them soon!