LEGO MOC Justice Society of America

I was thinking about The Spectre today, probably because of the new James Bond movie, and it dawned on me that I probably had (between all the LEGO and bootlego pieces I have lying around) enough bits and bobs to make an honest to goodness Spectre minifigure.

I returned home from work (because those are the thoughts I have when I am bored at work) and busted out my stash...and as it turns out I was right!

I've posted about my MOC Jay Garrick Flash and my Sandman minfigures before. As for Spectre, I pieced him together from a bootlego Green Arrow hood, a bootlego Loki cape, a LEGO ghost torso and arms, random white legs, a LEGO Toy Story army man's green hands, a random LEGO green crotch, and a LEGO Ninjago skull.

I love The Spectre, and can't believe it took me this long to piece a LEGO version together!

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