LEGO 75034 Death Star Troopers

I love the clearance aisle at Target. They tend to toss stuff there all the time just to make space for more new stuff, and you can get some amazing deals on things all the time. I picked up this LEGO 75034 Death Star Troopers set which includes four minifigures, and at a price comparable to buying BootLEGOs!

The set includes two Death Star Gunners. These guys are iconic characters from the original Star Wars movie that everyone will recognize immediately even if they don't recall their specific function. Those helmets are just so otherworldy! LEGO included quite a bit of detail too, and even painted those tiny lights on the side!

A  fun and unexpected detail: each gunner has a different expression. NEAT!

The main build itself is impressive as well. A Death Star gun, for blasting those pesky X-Wings running down the trench. A little lever on the back fires the topmost missile, and the gunner has a rotating seat. NEAT!

The gunners come with the new standard for Star Wars  LEGO weapons - little LEGO pop-guns. They fire pretty well, launching little LEGO pieces across the room, and LEGO is kind enough to include almost a dozen 'bullets' since you are bound to lose them in the couch or behind the bookcase. But they certainly aren't movie accurate.

The set also included two Imperial Guard minifigures!

Four minifigures in one little set - I think LEGO is catching on that the minifigures are the stars, and army building is easy and fun when you get a pair of these relatively generic troopers at a  time.

The Imperial Guards come with their 'force pikes' which resemble lightsabers but I don't know what good they are against them. In fact, The Imperial Guards literally didn't do anything but stand there in The Return of the Jedi, so your imagination is all you have when playing with these guys!

I never had a Death Star Gunner or Imperial Guard action figure as a kid, so these characters are completely new to my collection, LEGO or otherwise. It's fun to add their iconic visages to the ranks of my LEGO Stormtroopers, Snowtroopers and Speeder Bike Scouts, and that sweet LEGO Death Star Gun will look great on my desk at work!


  1. I like the unmasked shot. It's like they're sitting in front of a console and the guy on the left is like "Hey, Phil. Do you see the reading on capacitor three?"

    1. It is pretty comical and a fun little 'extra' - LEGO could have simply given them the same expression, but they went the extra mile.