Star Trek, The Butterface Generation

I saw these four two at the flea market and even though I don't collect much Star Trek, something about them caught my eye and once I had them in my hands I just couldn't cleavage myself away from them!

Lursa and B'etor are a pair of Klingon sisters who...oh hell I don't even remember. I did follow TNG religiously back in the day, but little about these ladies sticks in my memory besides...well...the obvious.

The back of the package indicates the sisters are from the influential Klingon House of Duras and caused the Federation all sorts of headaches and probably other uncomfortable feelings too.

B'etor is the younger sister and the more attractive of the two, at least in action figure form. That means she's only a two-bagger: one bag over her head and one over your own in case hers breaks.

Playmates in their heyday: The details on their action figures, along with the plethora of accessories - hell, you even get a stand and a mini poster with this figure! That simply does not happen in this day and age, especially at the modest price point these figures commanded.

B'etor may have the cuter face but Lursa clearly has nicer...eyes. Yes, eyes. Up there. She has eyes. You may not have noticed.

These ladies were too cheap to pass up, and of course the terrible sexists jokes just materialized out of nowhere the second I spotted them (perhaps they were beamed down from the 1960s Enterprise. Kirk would be proud.) and reproduced like Tribbles, screaming out to be put down in a blog post for all the world to judge me on. Be kind. I had no control.

I do wish I had paid closer attention to Playmates' Star Trek offerings back in the nineties. I had a couple from the original series, and a couple from DS9, but I didn't actively collect them. I've avoided getting into a Playmates Star Trek collection thus far but hey, they are pretty cheap and easy to come by nowadays, and with these sisters to spark my...interest...once again, this might be the start of something (dare I say it?) big!


  1. The name "Kling-on" makes more sense with these two.Both figures look identical. The amount of "twins" in this post is staggering.I feel a Double mint jingle coming on.

    1. Identical, you say? Hmm, I may need to take a second look!

  2. Your "interest" is purely academic, right? These remind me so much of the POTF2 runs, with the strange muscular builds and wide shoulders. I realize they're Klingons, but I'm sure, even with the armor, that they weren't quite proportioned like that. However, I'm sure the chest area is *totally* accurate.

    1. Not sure how accurate the chest area is. I may need to compare the pics with some screen grabs for a few hours.