TMNT Merdude

Finally got my hands on Merdude from the original run of TMNT action figures! Another flea market score, this guy is missing his accessories but is in otherwise mint condition!

I've only ever seen Merdude at the flea market once before, many years ago, and he was in rough shape so I had to pass.

Ironically, I just caught a recent episode of the modern Nick TMNT cartoon, and the Turtles were on some planet with fish creatures that looked a lot like Merdude. I have no idea how Merdude worked into the original TMNT storyline, but I'm sure I could easily look it up if I wanted to.

Regardless, I'm pretty confident he's one of the interdimensional characters and not an Earth mutant creature. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.


  1. Surprisingly enough, Merdude is from Earth, and is about 5,000 years old. That's if you go by his Archie comics version at least. He also has a heavy French accent, which is pretty hard to read.

    I used to love this figure. He was one of the few that would end up in the pool with me. I'm surprised he's never gotten an updated figure. Maybe that will change soon.

  2. Wow!I've never seen this guy before.Once again,a slap in the face to the newer stuff coming out today.This Is an awesome figure!

    1. The difference between what we get now and what we got then is incredible. A far superior product back then.

  3. Excellent addition to the collection sir.

  4. I"m glad you saw that new Nick episode where the "merdudes" made an appearance. It was a nice nod to this guy & amazing timing considering you found him so closely to the airing of that episode!

  5. OMG!! Never seen this one before. Will show him to Isaac.