What If...Peter Dinklage had become Weapon X?!?!

"It's alright to be little bitty!"

We've had this goofy little Mega Bloks Wolverine around for a while now. I picked him up at the flea market along with a similar Mega Bloks Captain America (no idea where he ended up, perhaps he ran off with Hydra).
"Say 'ello to my little fren'!"
I love this Wolverine despite the odd proportions that make him look even stumpier than, well, Wolverine. I only wish he were representin' his brown costume look, which is my favorite Wolverine costume.

Wolverine is compatible with Duplo sized building blocks. In my experience, Duplo blocks are pretty useless, as you can't really build anything intricate with them. But I'm not their target market.

"Who you callin' shorty, bub?"