You can get anything you want, at Dexter's restaurant

Dexter Jettster's role in The Clone Wars was ridiculous but I liked it in spite of myself. Why in the world would anyone, a Jedi or otherwise, consult with a short-order cook in order to solve a mysterious murder, and how would said chef have all the answers by looking at one random projectile? Oh Star Wars, your ridiculousness knows no bounds.

I have never owned this action figure before, so I have no idea if he came with a gun or a frying pan or a set of falsified 'A' cards in spite of the wamp rat feces found in 'Today's Special'. But I do have plenty of Playmobil stuff around so I may have to give him some cooking pots or utensils to hold on to.

I do like the stained apron details, and the tattooed knuckles too! Dex is just plain silly, and I am glad I found him and will be passing him over to my daughter for her growing Star wars collection.


  1. I think Dexter is still a figure that hold up really well. FYI, the original came with a massive knife, a cleaver, some "electric" that could wrap over those accessories (many of the EpII figures came with stuff like that), and a Kamino sabre dart. That thing is tiny but I still have mine!

    1. Well I don't know about electrically charged meat cleavers haha, but the dart accessory makes sense. I imagine something that tiny is often lost. He is a fun looking figure though, no matter how silly!

  2. I'm sure Frank-N-Furter would gladly lend him his "electrically charged meat cleaver."

  3. Could get interesting with Dex's four hands!