Imaginext Blind Bag Series 6 Mecha-Godzilla

I finally found the Imaginext Series 6 Mecha-Godzilla blind bagged figure the other day and I am loving him! He is seriously one of the funnest of all blind bagged Imaginext figures to date.

Upon bringing him home I immediately undertook the task of building a little LEGO city for him to roam around in.
This Imaginext figure is simply a guy in a robotic dinosaur suit, but is unmistakably inspired by the King of Kaiju, Godzilla, as well as his mechanical nemesis Mecha-Godzilla.

The detail is incredible, there's not a square millimeter on this guy that didn't get attention from the sculptor. Clearly a labor of love, this one is!.

Under the helmet, which I didn't bother to take a pic of thsi time, the guy is wearing a Robo-Cop-esque helmet and visor. The visor is red, and lines up perfectly with the open maw of Mecha-Godzilla helmet, giving a neat laser-ish effect when you look into his mouth.

If you look closely here you can kind of see some of the red in his mouth.

My Intern helped me build this city (on rock and roll), well actually she built minifigs and placed them all about the city while I tried to build a photogenic and passable LEGO city. She is going to be livid tomorrow when she sees that the minifigs she placed about the town aren't in the exact spot she left them! I tried to get them back to their proper places, but I know I failed.

I need to dig out my Imaginext Space Ape for my next photo shoot! He was out of reach during this photoshoot, but he'll make a pretty good Kaiju too methinks.

Blah blah blah, damn I took a lot of pics this time, didn't I. Oh well, I'll just yammer on to myself as you scroll past looking at the pretty pictures.

But seriously, I do LOVE this Imaginext Godzilla guy. I saw online somewhere that people have been using the helmet component and adding it to a Jungle camo G.I. Joe figure to amazing effect. Not sure which Joe figure it was they used though, perhaps someone will remind me in the comments.

After taking these pics, I remembered my original plan of adding flames and other destructive effects to the city. Maybe next time.

'History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man. GODZILLA!'


  1. I didn't know this guy existed. I have only picked up a few of the blind bag imaginext figures, and my daughter has confiscated them, but I need this guy.

  2. Throw in a couple of choppers and fighter jets ,too.That would make for an amazing scene!

  3. This whole photo set was glorious. My Walmart just started carrying some of the blind bag figures, so I might have to see if I can find this one.

  4. What's the code for this guy? I hate using the feely method, it gets me weird looks from store employees.

    1. I dont know if codes change for these over time or based on location, but the info vae says his code is 00. The codes for the rest of this wave are here: https://toyriffic.blogspot.com/2015/10/imaginext-series-6-blind-bag-figures.html?m=0