Who BootLEGOs The Watchmen?

Well, I don't know exactly who bootlegs The Watchmen, but they exist and can be bought off eBay from China for dirt cheap and shipped free (at least until Dumold Chump gets his way. Get yer bootLEGOs while you still can, America!)

I've wanted a Rorschach minifig for ever now, so when he popped up during one of my eBay BootLEGO searches I had to bite. I would have been fine with just Rorschach, but the price of the whole series was only a bit more costly than an official LEGO minifig, so I figured 'what the heck.'

And I'm glad I did! this series (well, with the exception of one) is extraordinary. Top quality bootLEGOs right here!

They went the extra mile on Adrian Veidt, giving him a thick suede-like cape and shoulder pads with printing on the back and front. Does LEGO make a lynx, or perhaps Playmobil or Schleich would have one that would be proportionally correct for this little guy!

The Comedian is exceptional as well, with his cigar and even his smiley button on his lapel. His shoulder pads are also painted on. And he comes with a rifle, for commie and/or Kennedy killing good times.

Dr. Manhattan. I didn't think I'd love this one as much as I do, but look at that face. LOOK AT IT! The only missed opportunity is the lack of a no-shorts option.

Nite-Owl II. Okay, this one was phoned-in. I wonder if there were plans for a separate cowl piece that was scrapped for the off-center paint job? They could have at least given him a cape! Ugh!

Nite-Owl's former partner Rorschach, however, is an absolute beauty and worth the price of admission alone. He has a great velvety coat and a grappling gun. I love this little weirdo!

Silk Spectre is ok, the face is a bit weird but the design on the body is spot-on (if a bit more green than yellow).

The Watchmen BootLEGO set is a ridiculous and amazing bunch of minifigs that I recommend for everyone who is a fan of the iconic comic book storyline! They're well made and of the highest bootleg quality.

Who watches the Watchmen? It could be YOU!


  1. Wow! Loving these. Were do you order all of your bootleg? Ali?

  2. No offense but these bootleg copies design from customizers who pt a lot of efforts into their creations. I'd recommend stopping buying these shitty quality and starts buying custom lego minifigures instead.
    Anyway it's a nice review you did there, keep up doing good work.
    Best regards,