DC Superhero Girls Batgirl and Special Guest: The Batmobile!

My intern's birthday was a few weeks ago, and she ended up getting a handful of the DC Superhero Girls action figures.

I wanted to see how her new Batgirl matched up with my Power Attack Batmobile from 2012, and the pair look made for each other!

I found this Batmobile at the flea market last year, and the flimsy tailfins have some plastic stress discoloration (they're pretty cheap and thin, so this is probably a very common issue if you find one of these second-hand). It was also missing two of the three attachments/projectiles it originally came with, but it had the best one...the buzz-saw...so I can't complain.

Also, it only cost me a dollar. A dollar Batmobile is better than a dollar every day of the week!

The DC Superhero Girls action figures are great figures. They're well designed and engineered, and they are pretty fairly priced at around $9.99 each. They don't have accessories per se - Batgirl's hood is removable, and maybe her 'bat-pack' too, but I wouldn't consider those accessories in the general sense. Regardless, at least they don't all come with a stupid BAF piece and cost $20 each.

Although, a DC Superhero Girls Giganta BAF would be AWESOME!

The buzz-saw (and other projectiles that I don't own) launch when you push down on the middle...I don't know what those are...exhaust ports? Fuel injection units? And the Bat-Face becomes a battering ram (Bat-ering ram?) when you push the whole hood down.

Batgirl digs her new ride. If only she had her learner's permit.


  1. Does your (intern's) Katana have the thick wrists? I didn't get an answer on "She's Fantastic" to my query.

    1. I'll have to check later today and get back to you. She's still boxed up and in hiding for Christmas.

    2. So I checked, and although ours is still in package and I only have shesfantastic's pics to compare it to, the wrists on ours seem normally proportioned.