Could it be....Gremlins?

A couple months ago I found this sweet simple 1984 3 POA LJN Gizmo at the flea market. A couple weeks ago I found the purple Tootsietoy Gremlin. Not sure of the date on the Tootsietoy, but it has to be mid to late seventies.

The AMC Gremlin is a car you either hate or hate. Actually, one of my 'holy grails' is a Gremlin with a 360 V-8. Because you know that S.O.B. hauls ass. I once drove a friend's AMX and damn near killed the both of us swo I can attenst to the power-to-weight ratio of these bad-boys.

Anyways, I don't collect a lot of toy cars, but my Dad does, so when I found this purple Tootsietoy Gremlin at the flea market for fifty cents I couldn't say 'no.' From the model itself to the color to that seventies sticker, this is a product of it's time and a toy that just won't get made today.

I love this thing so much I'm half tempted to keep it for myself. But seeing as how when my dad passes away I'm set to inherit the bulk of his toy car collection, well I suppose it can hang out at his house for now.


  1. I don't know why I never got hit with the car collecting bug as a kid.The only way I'd get interested In them was If they had a tiny figure mold in the drivers seat.I found It strange to be pushing a driver less car around .

  2. Watch out for diecast cars. They are annoyingly addictive. I only wanted a model of the Simpsons car, now I've like 50 of them.

    1. That happened to me- 2 yrs later, an entire blog on diecast & 500+ models. I did the purple Gremlin... seems familiar. Maybe I had a red one as a child ...?

  3. There was a red one released too. I actually saw it at an antique store today, but it was in rough shape so I passed on it.