Spider-Boy, Spider-Boy, does whatever a spider...oi!

As longtime Toyriffic readers know, I loves me some BootLEGOs! I'm constantly perusing eBay for those cheap, shipped-for-free minifigs of characters that LEGO can't or won't make, or copies of those LEGO has made but are too expensive for a man of my limited means.

I've seen some crazy minifigs, and the only thing that surprises me anymore when it comes to bootLEGOs is the fact that they can STILL surprise me!

Case in point: Spider-Boy!

Spider-Boy didn't come with that gun, it's LEGO, but he did come with the web, and a little clear piece so he can hold the web in his hand as if he's shooting it from his wrist. The only problem: as any longtime Spider-Boy can attest, Spider-Boy doesn't have wrist-mounted web shooters. He has a web-shooting gun! DUH!

So yeah, the Chinese BootLEGOers have begun to tap the genius that is the Amalgam Universe. That so very nineties of crossovers that combined DC and Marvel characters and stories into all new and sometimes exciting characters! Can we get a Dark Claw, please?!?!

This is the first time I've experienced a bootLEGO minifig with 'poofy-paint' tampos. Not sure if this is how the minifig was meant to be or if I got an 'off' figure, but it's kind of cool. I like to think that the weird Amalgam Universe is full of stuff like poofy superhero symbols. Because NINETIES and EXTREME!

"Sigh. What am I going to do now? J. Jonah said he'd fire me if I didn't get pics of...dafuq?!?!"

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