Damian Wayne Batman BootLEGO minifig

Batman Issue 666, cover date July 2007, introduced us to a dystopian future wherein Bruce Wayne's son and current Robin Damian Wayne had adopted the mantle of the Bat after his father's death. And now, then years later, those crazy Chinese BootLEGOers have made him into a minifigure!

Instead of wearing a cape, Damian Batman wears a trench-coat with a massive collar. Because DYSTOPIAN FUTURE!

This minifig also has a little cloth collar piece, and comes with your basic grapple-hook/gun. Damian Wayne Batman is a gorgeous minifigure, and a neat Batman AND Robin variant that I'm willing to bet the farm will never be a part of an official LEGO playset. I got him off eBay as usual, and I got him for less than a buck, shipped from China! Madness!

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