Leatherhead New Year!

I found the 200X Leatherhead at the flea market this past weekend, and am glad to finally add him in with my original and Nicktoons Leatherheads! Mutant gators IN THE HOUSE!

I remember when this Leatherhead hit toy shelves back around 2004. At the time I was only familiar with the OG Cajun version, and thought this guy was a plain boring design. I thought they were going for some sort of sumo look for him and felt he could really have used a fur coat and hat like his predecessor. It wasn't until later that I learned that this version was far more comic book accurate than the cartoon gator, which made me suddenly want him, but by then he wasn't anywhere to be found.

When the Nicktoons Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leatherhead came out, they also chose to stay truer to the simplified original comic book look of Leatherhead and not a goofy Cajun stereotype. A great sculpt (with cheap paint applications), I snapped him up as soon as I could find him and still think he's a great figure.

I have had this original Leatherhead for a few years now, having picked him up in my second hand hunts. I wasn't collecting TMNT when he was originally released, but I watched the cartoon on occasion and was fond of the Archie TMNT comics, so he'll always be how I envision Leatherhead. Cajun stereotype aside, he's a gorgeous sculpt and I especially love his animal like stance. He's just barely standing upright, like an alligator trying to be human, instead of a human who mutated into a gator. 

I'm glad I finally have the 200X Leatherhead. I've wanted him for a long time.  Second only to the original, he's definitely an all time great. He has a tail lashing action feature activated by a button on his side. He originally came with a mace that attached to the end of his tail, but I don't have that piece, nor am I yerriblt dissapointed as it doesn't take away at all from the figure to not have his accessory.

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  1. I had the original Leatherhead fig but traded it away a while back.His sculpt was one of the cooler ones ,hunched over like that with surprisingly good point of balance.