The bigger they are...the harder they Doll

This post goes out to my dolly lovin' bloggin' brethren. Specifically Reis, Colin, John, Jboy, and the MIA yet sorely missed Chunky B, Brian A and Brian B. I've given all these guys as much guff as humanly possible for their love of dollies and tea parties and the color pink. And they've all taken it pretty well. Although I often ponder whether or not Chunky B is still with us or if he was buried under an avalanche of Barbie Corvettes during a freak dollyvalanche in his dollroom in rural Texas.

I digress.

Gentlemen, this post is for you!

I bought a girl dolly:

I bought a girl dolly dressed in animal print.

I bought a Wonder Woman villain dolly.

I bought Cheetah.

"I bought a dolly, and I'm here to recruit you!"

I expect the comments section to light up with wit and hilarity; and maybe even some re-written song lyrics. Anything less will disappoint me greatly.

Come on, 'guys,' - let 'er rip!

Full genuine review to follow someday soon. I'll even include the best comments!


  1. You crossed over to the dark side! My Monster high dolls and I would like to welcome you to the world of tiny hairbrushes and miniature clothing.lol

    1. It was bound to happen eventually I suppose!

  2. Now Now Eric we all know that you secretly love the Dollies and i even you have a whole room just filled with them lol.

  3. Yay! Tea party! Tea party! I'll bring my Wonder Woman!

    1. We need an official 'Lair' Tea Party! BYOD (Bring your own dolly!)

  4. So, you have accepted the truth. It's OK Eric, it's your true self, you've only forgotten. However, I find it interesting that out of all the male fabric clothed action figures there are, you chose a female one. Hmmmmmm...who's walking down the pink aisle now. ;-)

    1. If I gotta pull down someone's pants, I figure it oughta be a woman dolly.

  5. Bubba is a friend
    Yeah, I know he's been
    a good friend of Mine
    but lately something's changed
    that ain't hard to define
    Bubba got himself a doll
    that he undresses all the time

    and she's watching him with those painted eyes
    and she's lovin' him with that plastic body
    we just know it
    Yeah 'n' he's holding her in his arms late,
    late at night

    You know that Bubba wishes he had Reis' doll,
    he wishes he had more than one doll,
    Where can bubba find some dresses like that
    for his little doll