I Have The Pow... I Mean Wonderbread He-Man!!!!!!!!!

Okay kids, here's what's likely to be to this point the most extensive look at a Wonder Bread He-Man online. In my online search, I was only able to find a few fuzzy images, so I tried to take some nice close-ups and comparison views for this entry.

First up is a close-up of Wonder Bread, or Savage, He-Man. He has the soft rubber head of the early releases of He-Man, and his features are well defined. As a Hot Wheels collector, I know that the dies and molds wear out, and one indication of age on a figure or toy car is how well defined the details are. This may be a hint that Wonder Bread He-Man was one of the first releases out of the mold.

Next up is a full body shot. This figure was clearly used as intended - as a toy - and has some minor play wear. The kid who had him played with him, but didn't beat the living heck out of him. He has loose hips and doesn't stand up well on his own, which can be common for old Masters of the Universe figures.

The kid who owned him did, however, take a sharpie to his wrist guards. No big deal, and the wear on the sharpie indicates further that this figure has been around a while. He was also wearing this armor when I found him. Maybe it was added later in the figure's life, but I find it interesting that this is not the only Wonder Bread figure found in this fashion (according to scant online reports) - could it be that he was in fact released with this armor at some point, or a case of great minds thinking alike in playing with this figure? We may never know.

Here's a comparison shot of all the He-Men I own at this point.

Top Row: an original Thunder-Punch He-Man, the mysterious Wonder Bread He-Man, aka Savage He-Man in some circles, and an original Battle Armor He-Man.
Bottom Row: Commemorative re-release He-Man, Commemorative re-release Faker, and an original Faker.

Here are some head shots for comparison. All shown but the Commemorative version have soft heads, and the Wonder Bread He-Man has the sharpest sculpt of the three with rubber heads. Again, hinting that he was molded before the other two, and before the mold had much wear.

Here he is from the back. The kid he belonged to put his initials on his back: "D.R." in sharpie. Again, no big deal, easily removed if I wanted to, but it helps add context to the figure. Heck, maybe "D.R." himself will pop up someday to share his story about where this guy came from!

Or maybe henceforth we can have a new name for this He-Man: "Dr. He-Man!" Okay maybe not, but you have to admit it has a nicer ring than "Wonder Bread He-Man" ;)

Here he is from the top. You can see the minor wear on his hair color, and the detail of the sculpt in the hair.

Here is a close-up of his boots. You can see they have minor wear and were not re-painted as the plastic shows under the boot paint.

Here's a very interesting observation. Apart from the fact that I should probably not have been looking so closely at this area ;)
As you can see, there is a slight gap where there is no design/sculpting between the belt and the fur of the shorts. For comparison I added a pic of the original Faker's shorts to show the fur/sculpt goes all the way to the beltline. I don't know what that may mean, but I found it to be interesting and it may hold a clue as to the date of this figure's release.

(Don't stare too long)



Wonderbread He-Man has been sold and no longer resides in my collection.

Before selling him, I cleaned off the sharpie on his wrists and back. It came off very easily - just required a little heavy rubbing. He-Man didn't seem to mind ;)

ANOTHER UPDATE: I consider the mystery of Wonderbread or Savage He-Man solved with this first hand account from a pair of brothers over at Flashlights are Something you Eat.

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