Lex and I, we have the same tailor.

I don't usually make custom toys, but this one kind of just fell together.

I salvaged some pieces of a DC Direct Pocket Heroes Batman that my nephew destroyed years ago. All that was salvageable was the body and head. I couldn't rebuild him, but I figured I'd do something with the figure someday. I have trouble throwing toys away, even if broken. Too many viewings of Rudolph as a child. That island of misfit toys really hit me, you know?

A couple years later I picked up a Lex figurine w/ power suit from Jack in the Box.

One day, for whatever reason, I put the torso/head of Batman into the armor. Perfect fit, and a cool concept figure. I can see Batman donning Lex's power suit just to be a jerk before smacking him around a bit.

Silly Batman...and people say you don't have a sense of humor.

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  1. Pretty funny, I like how the face's expression matches the body's pose, kinda like "what? what are you looking at?"

    I have the same problem about throwing broken toys out too, I say I'll fix it or use it for something in the future. LOL.