Lightning strikes, version 2.0

If you saw the Masters of the Universe haul I made a couple weeks back, you're not going to believe this. Even if you didn't see the haul I made a couple weeks back you're not going to believe this. I still have trouble believing it, and it happened to me last Saturday.

I got up early to go to a local church parking lot swap meet last Saturday. I walk up and about two vendors into it I see a tupperware box of Transformers. I start digging. When I come up for air, this is what I have in my sweaty palms:

A near complete Trypticon, Grimlock, G2 Bumblebee, G2 Hubcap(?), a couple non-transforming Transformers (including Bumblebee) and a truck (more on them later,) a G2 Sideswipe...

Oh yeah...and that little known, barely seen, poorly acted and easily forgotten background character named Megatron.

Holee Shiznickles! A G1 Megatron! No way!


I was shaking when I pulled this guy out of the box. I actually first found a baggie with his add on parts in it, and thought that was all I'd find. I dug to the bottom and there he was in his chrome and black goodness. I'm still in shock.

While digging, I asked "how much" and was told the little guys were a dollar and the big guys were two dollars. Yeah, I was having a hard time playing it cool as you can imagine.

I only had eight dollars on me, and asked if I could have all this for eight bucks. She first said "ten," then said "sure, eight bucks is fine."

I am not sure, but the lady selling these may have been the same lady who sold the MOTU stuff. I wasn't exactly focused on her either time. Aliens could have landed...on Bigfoot...and I wouldn't have noticed. But you can count on me hitting all the local swap meets I can from now on.

And does anyone know what these guys are? They don't transform, but are "Transformers" - that's Bumblebee, and the other guy has a Decepticon symbol, and looks like his alt mode should be a pistol, but isn't anyone I'm familiar with. You can see a truck that is certainly part of the series behind them (it has the Autobot symbol on it.) It folds out on the back and sides to turn into a jet...it reminds me a little of M.A.S.K. and I know I've seen these in magazines or online somewhere (they may be a foreign only release) but I can't recall anything about them at the moment. I'll update when I find out more.

UPDATE: The figures are from the short-lived Action Masters series from 1990. Treadshot is the badguy's name. The truck behind them is part of the Micromasters series (also from 1990) and it appears I am missing the rear half of it.


  1. Wow, a G1 Megatron, that is truly a great haul!

    My son had the little BumbleBee when he was young, it was from a line that were more action figure based, I think it was action masters or something like that. They had a gun and usually another little accessory. I think he did have that helicopter back pack you have pictured, if I remember right.

    By the way you need to keep going to that swap meet!

  2. You're right Chunky B - I found some helpful info about Action Masters online here:


    And don't worry - I'll be hitting swap meets for some time now - I've got the touch! (Transformers pun!)