Clawful - he's awful...cool!

Clawful is one of the coolest MOTU ever. He was one of my faves from my childhood...from which I have zero original figures. I sold them all to one of my Dad's coworkers for her kid, which was cool because I'm sure I spent the money on Transformers and stuff like that. I hope that kid got as much joy from the figures and playsets that I did. Hey buddy, if your Mom worked at Menlove Dodge/Toyota in the eighties and she came home with a pile of MOTU...you're welcome ;)

True to form, I have re-aquisitioned many original MOTU in my adulthood, including most of the re-releases from a few years back.

This here Clawful is one of those re-releases, in all his pinching glory.

What isn't cool about a lobster man with a huge pinching claw? Seriously - that's a real short list.

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