Captains Courageous

I have always thought Captain America was a very cool character. He's so cool, in fact, that a decent action figure version is hard to come by.

Let's face it: his costume is...flamboyant. If not properly presented, you might as well have action figures of the entire cast of Cats on your shelf. Jazz hands!

I never had the Secret Wars version of Cap when I was a kid, but I did have Wolverine, Iron Man, and Dr. Doom. Their exploits in my back yard were legendary, and my wish list at the time included Captain America, Spiderman, and Dr. Octopus (my favorites from looking at the back of the packaging.) But it was not to be. But don't worry, Wolvie and ol' shell head held their own just fine.

I made a trade for this Secret Wars Captain America recently, and he's in really good shape for his age.

The larger Captain is a Marvel Legends figure and is available now. He's extra groovy because he represents Cap as he appeared in his first issue - complete with his diamond shaped shield that only appeared in that one issue (due to it's similarity to another existing superhero at the time: The Shield.)


  1. Cap is cool. I hope Marvel brings back Steve Rogers.

    Happy Weekend.

  2. Another Cap Fan, well all right! Man I still need to pick up the 1st appearance Marvel Legends Cap!

    I agree it hard to find a real cool Cap figure, my top five best are:

    1) Secret Wars
    2) The First Marvel Legends
    3) The Signature Series
    4) Mego
    5) and the 1st Appearance

  3. Update! I finally picked this guy up the other day, and it is a sweet toy!