Holy Bat-Doll, Batman!

This first appearance Batman figure/doll came out in 2000. It came in a deluxe box- set with a hardcover book (Batman: The Golden Age by Les Daniels) about the history of Batman, and a reprint of Batman #1.

He's much like an old school GI Joe or Mego type figure (I assume, although I have no old school GI Joes or Megos to compare.) His cape has wires inside the sides to shape it, and his Batarang fits snugly into a compartment on his belt.

He's really well articulated and quite a nice representation of Batman's first appearance.


  1. Made by Hasbro, figure design by Alex Ross, this is one of my favorite Batman doll, err figures! Hasbro did a great job with these (the DC Comics heroes) as well as the more current Marvel Heroes. But this is one the stand out figures in my opinion.

  2. Thanks for the info CB - I'm too lazy to research it or look for the box buried in the garage myself ;)

    And I agree, this is the stand out figure in all those mentioned, although I have been tempted to pick up the recent Captain America from Hasbro. But then again, he's a doll, and I have my ML first appearance Captain America which suits me just fine.