I yam what I yam...

...and what I yam is a huge Popeye fan.

The Mezco series of Popeye figures from 2001 was one of the best action figure series of all time, as well as being the best Popeye toy set EVER!

Faithful, playable, chock full of great action features and accessories, these figures were awesome.

Sadly, they only made it to series three. Awesomely, they squeezed out folks like Poopdeck Pappy and Alice the Goon in the series' short lifespan. I was able to get everyone (besides re-paints) except Deep sea Popeye and Scuba Bluto. I'll cover them all soon.

Here's Peacoat Popeye - an homage to the beginning scene of the live action Popeye starring Robin Williams. He came with a muscle that you can add to his arm (making it appear his muscle is tearing through his coat,) a duffle bag, a can of spinach, a picture frame that says "Pappy," removable beanie, removable pipe (God bless you Mezco for taking the artistic high ground and not taking the moral high ground!) and a treasure map! He also has a "twisker fisk" action feature - wind up his fist, push the button, and watch it spin! Take THAT Bluto!

What's at the end of your treasure map Popeye? A true treasure...your first animated appearance:


  1. It is weird how much we think a like, I was just digging out the only two Popeye figures I own to post and you beat me to it. I have this guy and the regular Popeye, I love these figures.

    I like the old black and white cartoons, that was the main reason I picked them up. Never tried to get the complete set, so it will be interesting to see them all.

  2. lol - I guess great minds do think alike CB!