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Back in the early 2000s another of the many versions of Transformers appeared on the scene. Known as Robots in Disguise, this series got Transformers back to their vehicular roots (as opposed to the Beast Wars concept which I just could not get behind in any fashion.)

There was also a cartoon, which I didn't watch. I believe it was a Japanese series that was altered for US audiences. I wish they just gave us straight translations, but they tend to re-write entire episodes/characters etc. in situations like these and the end result is usually junk.

I did pick up a couple of the toys however. Mostly out of nostalgia, few of them really blew my socks off.

Except this one:

Known as Scourge on the Robots in Disguise cartoon and Black Convoy in Japan, this is Optimus Prime's evil doppleganger. The figure is actually a re-paint of the gawd awfully colored G2 Laser Optimus Prime from 1995. Man, that thing was butt ugly, which is sad because this is an amazing transformer!

Thankfully they brought the toy back...but this time he's black with turquoise trim and Decepticon allegiance!

He's an awesome figure - a simple transformation with excellent truck and robot likenesses. His sword stashes under his rear axles so you can't lose it (that's a bonus for anyone who grew up with G1 parts all over the place) and he has all kinds of articulation: knees, hips, waist, elbows, head etc. for tons of poses! His trailer transforms into a battle station, with tons of firepower, but all the missiles are boxed up, so I didn't bother transforming it for the photo shoot.

From what I understand this one was hard to come by...it may have been a Toys R Us exclusive or something. Whatever, I have him so I am happy.

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