Everything Old Is New Again...

I have seen a few episodes of the new Transformers Animated series. It's pretty good. As good, if not better, than the original. Which in all seriousness, isn't saying much (hey, I love it too, but it ain't high art.)

The best part about the new cartoon is the re-imaginings and re-introductions of all the G1 characters. The show features pretty much all the characters we've grown to love, true to their original incarnations, with a modern twist. They've done very good to continue to introduce fan favorite characters throughout the series, like Ultra Magnus, Wreck-Gar, Blitzwing, and three of the Dinobots.

The only character I don't like is Prowl, as he is too far removed in his robot/vehicle mode from the G1 Prowl to even be recognizable as Prowl.

But back to the topic at hand. The toys!

"The Eighties were not good to you."

The toys are way too cool! For Father's day I received the Cybertronian Megatron from my oldest daughter. I like this one a lot, for a couple reasons. First, it's his Cybertronian version, so he pretty much can transform into anything and I'm okay with that, because we all know there are no Walther P-38s on Cybertron.

Second, he looks so much like his G1 version (but with Cybertronian attributes) that I can accept in my cartoon addled mind that this is the definitive version of a pre-Earth Megatron.

There is an Earth Megatron coming soon, and his robot version is even more in step with that of the G1 Megatron. He converts into a Helicopter, which is acceptable, and I will probably buy him.


Next up is Grimlock. I only found out that this guy was available in toy form recently, when folks at other toy blogs started finding him. I usually know about upcoming toys years in advance, and as Tom Petty says, the waiting is the hardest part.

So I was glad to only hunt for this guy for about a week or two before finding him. I waited longer for a G1 Grimlock, which I first acquired only a couple years ago.

"Me Grimlock coolest Autobot EVER!"

Let me just say this new Grimlock is un-freaking-believable. He is everything the original version is and more. He's the perfect melding of old and new. He's cool in both modes, and a solid figure in each version too (as opposed to the G1 which is kind of cumbersome in robot mode.)

"Me Grimlock STILL coolest Autobot EVER! Me should be king of Autobots!"

He transforms in almost the exact same fashion as his G1 counterpart too. Groovy.

There are a bunch of new figures out now, and tons more in the works. And coming soon is another Dinobot, the Triceratops Slag (now known as Snarl for some reason or another.)

Cue Tom Petty.

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