"They're After Me Lucky Charms!"

Or more accurately, they're in my Lucky Charms!

These little "Super-Deformed" Batman and Joker action figures/figurines are now appearing inside specially marked boxes of General Mills cereals.

I recently heard about this promo through the cyber-grapevine, where it was first reported that they were appearing in boxes of Cheerios. Sufficed to say, I have been stalking the cereal aisles ever since.

Apparently people in my neck of the woods don't burn through Cheerios very quickly. The stores around here still have boxes promoting Speed Racer, (which was in and out of theaters faster than the powerful Mach 5.)

Thankfully General Mills is spreading the Bat-wealth, and has also placed these groovy little Gothamites into boxes of yummy, nutritious Lucky Charms. The locals must eat plenty of Lucky Charms, as there was shelf after shelf of new stock today.

There are four figures available, two Batmen (Batmans?) and two Jokers.

I decided to buy two boxes in order to raise my odds. I love Batman, but I need a Joker. Because, to be frank, when was the last time a toy appeared in a box of cereal depicting an anarchic, soulless murderer portrayed by a recently deceased actor?

My guess is, never.

Also, if toy collecting history is any gauge, self appointed watchdog groups are going to have a hissy-fit when they actually see the Joker's portrayal in the upcoming film, and realize that their toddlers are playing with a scarred, sickening psychopath that plopped into their bowls at breakfast.

This isn't Caesar Romero.

So I returned home with my two boxes of cereal, promptly tore them open, and discovered:

Batman and the Joker! Huzzah! The luck o' the Irish was with me today!

These guys are actually quite nice for cereal premiums. They are small, about 2.5" tall, but they are very well detailed, and each has a different "spring action" feature. The Batman I have has a spring loaded punch, and my Joker has a spring loaded kick.

Joker truly is the best of the two. Even his scar is sculpted into his cheeks. His foot extends forward for pull-back kicking action, which gives him a little extra dimension. There's a tiny bit of extra green paint smudged on his brow, but otherwise the paint details are very well done. I love his jagged "smile."

"Eat your breakfast kids, so you too can be a - Hee Hee Hee - Cereal Killer!"

And the Batman, well the Batman is just plain cute. Lots of details sculpted into his costume as well.
"Vigilantism: part of this complete breakfast."


"I'm coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs!"

I'm going to keep trying for the other two, but that could amount to a lot of cereal.

Lucky Charms for everyone!


  1. I wound up getting the Joker and I was happy but now that I saw how cool Batman looked in your post I want that one too! lol

  2. Same here Jay, don't you hate that?