Godzilla Week Day 4: Godzilla '04

This is another Bandai Godzilla made for the Japanese market. I am pretty sure there's an American version available too. The primary difference is that the American versions seem just a tad larger.

This Godzilla is from Final Wars. The fiftieth anniversary Godzilla movie, released in 2004, was also the last Godzilla film to date and ended the most recent arc of films that began in 2000 I believe.

Final Wars is a fun movie that reminds you: no matter how big a Hollywood budget is, no matter how well written and intelligent a script is, and no matter how "important" an American actor may think he/she is, sometimes all you need for a good time is a guy in a rubber lizard suit.



  1. I saw the American version of this in the store about two weeks ago, while not my favorite he does look kinda cool.

  2. He's not my fave either - funny thing is I ordered a different one on eBay and they sent me this one on accident...so to rectify the mistake they refunded my money. I basically got him for free.