Godzilla Week Smashes Into Day 3

Today we focus on two great tastes that taste great together.

No, not peanut butter and chocolate.

Imperial toy company and Godzilla!

As discussed in a previous post, I loved Imperial dinosaurs as a kid. Their flagrant disregard for scientific facts, their rock-hard plasticy goodness, their sloppy Chinese child labor paint applications, their hollow throats for Star Wars figure eating fun. And chances are this guy has more lead in his paint than Lex Luthor's penthouse. What's not to love?

In 1985 Imperial began producing Godzilla toys. Somehow I missed them back then, I was probably moving into another toy genre by '85. Dinosaurs were so 1984!

I only recently acquired this 6" guy, and he's kitschy cool - a must for any Godzilla collection.

In true Imperial form, he doesn't represent a specific Godzilla as much as he captures Godzilla's essence. His arms, legs and tail move, giving him thousands of times the articulation of general Imperial dinosaur figures past and present.

And ironically, without any modification whatsoever, this Godzilla already looks Jokerized:

"Why so whatnow? I don't get it."


  1. It's funny how there are subtle differences between this and the larger version made by Imperial. Almost like they used different sculpts instead of resizing one.

    I have this feeling I'm going to see the Shogun Warriors Godzilla by the end of the week!

  2. Shogun Warriors Godzilla - I wish!

    Although I did have the ultra rare Rodan from that series when I was a kid.

    Ownership in the past tense.

    *kicks self*

  3. I had Mazinga (Mazinger Z) and Godzilla from that series, but they are long gone, how I wish they were still with me now... *snif *snif